7 Benefits of Remedial Massage

7 Benefits of Remedial Massage

1. Reduces anxiety

Studies show that massage therapy can significantly lower anxiety, depression and anger. Massage is also associated with improved mood, appetite, sleep, memory and learning.

2. Decreases stress

Research has shown that massage therapy can help decrease heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate and stress hormone levels.

3. Relieves pain


Massage can be used effectively to not only relieve minor muscle strains and soreness but also more serious or chronic pain.

4. Sports and Exercise Benefits

Massage therapy is effective in reducing muscle soreness and assisting faster recovery after strenuous exercise.

5. HIV/Immune Function

Massage therapy has a positive effect on immune function. There is evidence to support the use of massage therapy to improve the quality of life of people living with AIDS/HIV.

6. Benefits to older adults

Massage is effective in treating a range of conditions associated with aging. Massage and touch for dementia found that massage therapy may serve as an alternative or complement to other therapies for the management of behavioural, emotional and other conditions associated with dementia.

7. Benefits to the workplace

Managers perceive that massage programs provide positive influences on corporate culture and morale while increasing productivity. Employees find that massage relaxes and refreshes them, allowing them to better focus and concentrate at work.

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